Wanted Poster School Assignment

Here is the handout for this assignment:

Bacteria Virus Wanted Poster

Here are some helpful links:

**you are required to hand in a Works Cited for this assignment. You can use Easybib, and we suggest you create an account first (there is a login button on the top left hand side of the Easybib page).  Also, remember to choose “Print as a WordDoc” at the end; this will give you a nicely formatted document!! Remember to check that all the citations are correct first though. You can check it against the MLA 7 Works Cited Handout. And remember to ask one of the Teacher Librarians for help if you need it!!**

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US)

BC Center for Disease Control

Health Canada website

Public Health Agency of Canada

Mayo Clinic – Diseases and Conditions

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – Vaccines

World Health Organization – General Site

World Health Organization – Data and Statistics

World Health Organization – Health Topics

Also, make sure to check out the databases we subscribe to on Webcat. In particular, you should look at Consumer Health Complete. To get there, click on the Webcat tab on the menu above, then Databases, then  Consumer Health Complete, then enter the username and password. If you need them, please ask Ms. Parungao or Mrs. Montroy.

Have fun!!


This is one of my favorite projects of the year and using Google Draw allowed the students to work on it both in class and at home. In the past, we used a software program to design the posters, but it had a lot of restrictions as to when and where they could work on their posters. By using Google Draw, students were also able to share their posters with me and I could proofread it much more easily and offer suggestions.

We hold a scientist ‘draft pick’ when making our selections. Students come up with a list of their ‘top 10’ scientists and each student draws a number. I select a number randomly and whoever has that number gets to choose first. Once a scientist has been chosen, no one else is allowed to pick that person. Sometimes students choose to spin the “Wheel of Science” when they are not sure who to pick and will allow the wheel to pick for them.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Google Draw to design your poster – Print in color on 8 ½ x 11 paper
  2. First, middle, and last name of your scientist
  3. Picture of your scientist
  4. His/her birthday (Month, Day, Year if available)
  5. ONE sentence of why they are famous or “wanted”  
    • This sentence has to be approved
  6. Country he/she was born in
  7. Where he/she did their work – was it at their home, at a school, a lab, etc
  8. Date of death or current age if living today
  9. Summarize His/Her accomplishments in your own words:
    • One paragraph using 3 – 5 complete sentences
  10. Your name in the bottom RIGHT corner of your poster
  11. List of your sources used for information, pictures, etc on a separate Google Doc.

Choose up to 4 of the following requirements to add to your poster:

  1. A quote by your scientist
  2. 1 – 2 additional pictures of your scientist
  3. A picture of what they worked on
  4. Where they went to school/college
  5. If they had any other jobs
  6. Family information: husband/wife, children, parents, brothers, sisters
  7. What else was happening in history when this scientist was famous
  8. Did this scientist work with another scientist?
    • Who was it and what did they do?
  9. Are there any museums or other places that are named after your scientist? Where is it?

Added 12/26/16: I first posted this lesson in 2000 (as Liz Belasic) here is a version from 2002 with  additional details

Like this:




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