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It is difficult to know how long Marvelous Essays has been in business. This online writing company was brought to our attention by a customer who asked us to investigate and provide a review. The company may be as new 2106, because we were unable to find any MarvelousEssays reviews on the web prior to this year. We have looked at the same factors that we do for all of our evaluations of writing companies in completing this review. These include the information that the company offers on its website, sample writings it provides, the explanation of services it offers, pricing, benefits, Marvelous Essays testimonials, and comments and feedback we have found elsewhere. We also ordered a research paper from the company so that we could evaluate the quality of its products first hand. From all of these sources, we are now able to provide this MarvelousEssays review.


Products and Services You Will Find offers academic writing, high school through the doctoral level, and that includes every type of writing from essays to dissertations and every type of assignment in between those two extremes. It also offers editing, re-writing, online test-taking, and admissions essays as additional services. The products are available for selection in a drop-down menu on the order form.

Deadlines range from 3 hours to two months, and we were a bit intrigued by the fact that there was a deadline option of 2 days for a full dissertation. We contacted the customer service department to confirm this, and they did. A complete dissertation in a 2-day production period is clearly impossible, and this gives us cause for concern. It was priced at $9000.00.

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

The site provides little information about its writers other than that they all have Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. We can therefore only judge their experience by the quality of the products they produce. Here is what went into our Marvelous Essays reviews of product quality.

  • Quality of writing on the website itself suggests foreign writers, although the company states it only uses U.S. or UK writers.
  • We reviewed 3 samples published on the site. In all instances, the quality suggests foreign writers. Incorrect verb tenses and word usage are typical of non-native English speakers. We found the same grammatical issues on the blog posts.
  • While testimonials on the site were all very complimentary, outside comments and feedback were not. One student who was in a hurry submitted his paper without fully reviewing it. He received an F because of the poor writing and some plagiarized passages.
  • The research paper we ordered and received reflected the same issues.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

MarvelousEssays prices do fall within the high average range when compared to other services. They begin at $12.99/page and move up to $49.95/page at the doctoral level with the shortest deadline (2 days). discounts are clear and precise. Discounts from 5 – 15% are provided based upon number of pages ordered, and a newcomer Marvelous Essay discount of 15% is offered through a Marvelous Essays coupon code which can be placed in a field on the order form. While we were not able to find any special offers or periodic Marvelous Essays promo codes.

Payment methods are typical of most writing services – major credit cards and PayPal. There is a secure payment system, through a third-party processor, so customers can feel safe making their purchases.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

Our largest concern with Marvelous Essays is the quality of writing, on the site, in the samples, and in the paper we ordered. And, of course, this is the crux of any writing service. We can certainly say that the service is not a scam or fraud; however, we cannot highly recommend this company. Overall, our rating is “Fair” to “Poor.”

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