Bh Cosmetics 120 Palette Comparison Essay

27921Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition - 21 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette15.75USD
24051Smooth Canvas - Long-Wear Shadow Primer (Veil)4.89USD
30971Studio Pro Shade & Define Duo Brow Pencil (Medium Blonde)5.59USD Neutrals - 28 Color Matte Eyeshadow Palette Color Eyeshadow and Lipstick Palettes/Vegan/Vegan Eyeshadows/Eyes/Eyeshadow Palettes<p>Transform your look from everyday to edgy with our Modern Neutrals 28 Color Matte Eyeshadow Palette, a user-friendly assortment of pigment-rich, must-have shades that flatter every skin tone. The indispensable collection -- ranging from ivory and sand to espresso and charcoal -- is beyond versatile. It features buildable, blendable basics for accenting lid, crease and brow bone and pairs beautifully with brighter shades from other BH palettes for endless options.</p> <ul> <li>Highly pigmented</li> <li>Ultra-smooth blendable colors</li> <li>Vegan</li> <li>Clinically tested</li> <li>Non-irritating</li> <li>Allergy tested</li> <li>Paraben free</li> </ul>13.9900add-to-cartTR
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Do not check out without buying this palette
Okay, so I have to be honest and say that I was a bit skeptical about this palette. I just knew that I was going to be disappointed with this purchase. Oh, surprise, surprise. The colors are beautiful and they look well on all skin tones. This has to be one of BH Cosmetics best palettes yet. This palette is awesome. I am so glad I purchased it. The eye shadows, are smooth and the payoff is fairly decent for the price. The colors are vibrant and the eye shadows are build-able and they blend easily. Please do no sleep on this palette. This is a must have to add to your collection or your Makeup kit.
Compliments Studio Pro Duel EffectvWet/Dry palette
I love this all matt 28 color eye shadow palette. It stays open, with any othef palette Im using but, I bought it to compliment the Studio Pro Duel Effect Wet/Dry palette. There are several matt crease colors to choose from, several transition colors, under eye. The looks are endless. Im 56 and dont usd alot of glittery eye shadows but, I do use some that are only shimmery and this Modern Neutrals eye shadow palette is a must for anyone, especially, those people who use mostly matts and neutral matts. Ill be using this palette endlessly. It even applies well wet, giving even deeper pigment. Its not too dusty either. Its actually not dusty when applying color. You may have a teeny bit of kick up when brushing over the pans but again, not much . These colors are beautiful and buttery. I recommend this Modern Neutrals palette for its versitslity.
On PETA list for animal cruelty free!!
Great colors. I love matte colors for my hooded eyes. I use primer or concealer first then a powder then the eye shadows . There is some fall out , but not much if I tap my brush first. Some of the lighter brown shades appear more orangey colored with my tone ( I'm a cool), but blended with the other darker colors ... Looks really pretty. I ordered many things . Every product arrived on time and in perfect condition. Saved soooo much compared to Sephora, and what I love too is they are on PETA animal cruelty list!!!
My daughter is just starting to play around with makeup so I bought her a couple of eyeshadow palettes. I think she was expecting just a few eyeshadows, so when she saw 2 x 28 shadow palettes she nearly fell over! She loves them & me! Lol!
P.S. Love the matte palettes! It's so hard to get all mattes, so thank you BHC!
This is a great all matte palette, and there is a good variety of both warm and cool toned shadows. The shadows are nicely pigmented and easily bendable, and I highly recommend this palette to anyone that needs some good quality matte neutrals at a low price.
They are very pigmented. You don't have to use much.
This pallet is the only pallet i've been using for the past year, so pigmented, great colours!
Not one fault! Best pallet ive ever used in my life!
Don't Sleep On This One!
This palette is amazing!!! All my ladies who are woc don't sleep on this!!! The colors are so pigmented and very vibrant.
Reasonable and great pigment from each color, goes on smooth!
They're so many different colors to choose for different occasions which I love ! And the colors are so pigmented so that's a plus ! Just overall I'm happy I picked this pallet !
Good quality for affordable product, pigmentation is great. A little powery but works great
BH Modern Nuterals Pallet
I've been buying makeup for years. That doesn't make me an expert but I do value the quality of pigmentation. With that said I was shocked how pigmented these shadows are for such a affordable price. They are awsome and true to the color. I own other pallets like the NAKED line from Urban Decay and Loroc pallets also. In all honesty I haven't touched them since I recived my pallets from BH. I also plan on buying more why not at such a affordable price. Thank you BH for your beautiful products.
Super Blendable and Pigmented!
This was the first Bh cosmetics eyeshadow palette I have ever bought and I must say....I love it!!! The shadows are very pigmented, buttery, and most importantly Blendable! I will definitely be buying more of these in the near future. The price of these palettes are awesome too!!! Love the 50% off sale!!!
I only have a few palettes as I'm just beginning my collection but I have this palette in addition to the 5th addition palette (which has 120 shades) and special occasions palette but I'm reaching for this palette every time I create a look. The 4 orange shades are remarkable. All the shades are matte and very pigmented. The formula is also very smooth and blendable. I have not tested this without primer however I can say with 100% certainly, when applied correctly with primer, it lasts all day and doesn't crease. True story, I have actually fallen asleep without washing my makeup off and woken up the next morning with quite a bit of color still left on my lids. It washes off easily and fall out is minimal though, I still usually clean up my lines with concealer.

Definitely worth investing in. To be honest, one shade sold me on this palette and it was the pink but now that I have it, I have used almost every shade. This palette is so good. It has dark blues and greys as well as mauves and pinks and violet shades. You literally can not go wrong. Buy this palette plus the studded couture brush set. They are a match made in heaven.
This palette is truly not what I expected. I guess I really don't know what I was expecting but I guess I just didn't think that the colors would be so vibrant and easy to blend. I was wrong when I used it was very blendable, great pigmentation and it was so easy to achieve the eyelook I did today. The only time I did reach for a different palette to get a nice shimmery eyeshadow to go along with this look. Just needed a "POP" of color for my inner corner but on the lid I used only matte shadows. So happy that these were so creamy. So I will keep you posted on the looks I come out with. Have a blessed day today and STAY BEAUTIFUL!
Love the color selection! It's very hard to find a matte palette that doesn't contain specks of shimmer in it! Great Price too!
Love love love this color palate.... it compliments and tones down some of my super brings colors. Fabulous!
It's a good palette just have to use more product to get the payout I want. Sometimes I just wet the brush to get better pigment.

27921Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition - 21 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette15.75USD

23461Blushed Neutrals - 26 Color Eyeshadow and Blush Palette10.49USD

17331Neutral Eyes - 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette9.09USD

30261Shaaanxo The Remix - 18 Color Shadow Palette13.29USD

24341Foil Eyes - 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette9.79USD

1748188 Matte - Eighty-Eight Color Eyeshadow Palette9.09USD

23491Modern Mattes - 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette9.79USD

23361Eye Essential - 7 Piece Brush Set6.99USD

26261Rosé Romance - 12 Piece Brush Set With Cosmetic Bag16.79USD

25091Metal Rose - 11 Piece Brush Set With Cosmetic Bag16.09USD Matte - Eighty-Eight Color Eyeshadow Palette Eyeshadows/Eyes/Eyeshadow Palettes<div>Welcome matte! Put the focus on your eyes with our 88 Matte eyeshadow palette, a full spectrum of velvety smooth matte shades to line, define, and accent any skin tone. Ranging from light to smokey and subtle to super bright, the collection offers vivid pops of color plus toned-down neutrals to mix, match, and make magic!</div> <div> <ul> <li>Highly Pigmented Colors</li> <li>Vegan</li> <li>Long Lasting</li> <li>Clinically Tested</li> <li>Non-Irritating</li> <li>Allergy Tested</li> <li>Paraben Free</li> </ul> </div>12.9900add-to-cartTR

/Eyes/Eyeshadow Palettes


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My impression was a little skeptical at first but I kept on playing with different colors until I found colors that complemented each other.

I would recommend this product to anyone it is beginners friendly I'm new to the makeup rave and I love it. I'm getting complemented everyday especially from my husband and I enjoy going out looking good finally I got my confidence back and guess what I'm keeping it.

August 7, 2017

Brenda H

7 months ago

Loved the pigment ??

August 1, 2017

Dashira l

8 months ago


The colours are all so pigmented. There isn't a look you can't achieve with this gorgeous palette.

July 25, 2017

Cody H

8 months ago

I'm so impressed!

I love this palette! It has so many fun colors that are great for the summer time. However, a lot of the cremes/orangey shades are very hard to build up, but that happens in most palettes. This is a good quality palette at a really great price!

Rich Colors

I LOVE THESE COLORS!!! So pigmented & beautiful. Stays on & in place all day.


This palette is my holy grail. While it isn't very matte, it's got such amazing pigmentation, and I honestly cried like the makeup geek I am when swatching these shadows. While two colors were broken, I could care less. While it seems impossible, there were absolutely no duplicate shades in the palette. This is the only makeup brand I'm buying from now own! So impressed

Blends Well

The colors apply SO easily, and blend beautifully. They last forever... and are so pigmented that a little goes a long way, even on my dark skin. Worked wonderfully for the natural look I was going for... now looking forward to creating a more dramatic look for stage. When I do, I'll let you know, but for now... 2 thumbs up!

Blends Well

I love BHCosmetics.

The only thing I do not like about this pallet is the fact that some of the colors aren't matte. Some have a shimmer finish.

Best shadows ever. Even beat

Best shadows ever. Even beat the Kat Von D palette

Blends Well

I use this for everyday use. Morning, night, and even when I want to do something spunky. BOTTOM LINE: IT'S THE BEST I'VE USED SO FAR! And I used to swear by Urban Decay, Smash Box, and the Sephora brand, but BH is even better! More variety in one and plus the EXCELLENT price! I'm definitely ordering more palettes!

Blends Well

This was my first time buying BH Cosmetics, I was really surprised about the quality, I thought for the price they wouldnt be a good as they are, but their great. I have somewhat sensitive eyes, and when i use these products my eyes stay clear. I usually use a cream base to help the eyeshadow stick and because it also helps some colours to really stand out, but alone they are good too :). I love the variety and how easily you can apply them. Defiantly a good buy. :) love loveee lovee :):)


I recently bought this palette. The eyeshadows are so pigmented, and they're true to their color. I'm a makeup artist and just love this product, as well as my clients! I recommend 100%


I love this palette. You can be so creative. All the colors are very pigmented. No need for any other eyeshadow.

Blends Well

I absolutely love this product! I have nothing bad to say, it was amazing and my boyfriend complemented my makeup :) gorgoues variety of colours. The only bad thing was towards the end of the day it faded a little bit. But overall I love BH cosmetics and will be ordering again! The shipping was so fast, took 10 days to get to new zealand (usually takes 2weeks)

Love it

Awesome Eyeshadow Colors!!!!

I absolutely LOVE this palette!!! I am going to get the 120 eyeshadow palette very soon! This is a MUST BUY product!!!


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