Ignou Mba Ms-04 Solved Assignment January 2012 Chemistry

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MS-04 Accounting & Finance For Managers


Chapter- 1 Accounting And Its Functions

- Meaning of Accounting, Features of Accounting, Accounting process

- Branches of Accounting

- Financial Accounting and Book-keeping

- Difference between Book–keeping, Accounting & Accountancy

- Parties interested in Accounting Information

- Basic Terminology

- Theoretical problems

Chapter- 2 Accounting Concepts And Standards

- Basic fundamental accounting concepts

-  Basic Accounting Principles

- Modifying Accounting Conventions

- Accounting Standards – Meaning, importance of AS, No. of A Stds.

- Theoretical Problems


 Chapter- 3 Accounting Information And Its Application

- Meaning of Accounting Information

- Information made available by these Statements

- Qualitative characteristics of Accounting information

- Theoretical problems

Chapter- 4 Construction And Analysis Of Balance Sheet

- Meaning of Balance Sheet

- Information convey to outsiders

- Statutory contents of Liabilities and Assets sides of Company’s Balance Sheet

- Format of Schedule VI, Part I Balance Sheet

- Theoretical problems

- Practical Problems (fully solved)

Chapter- 5 Construction And Analysis Of Profit And Loss Account

- Meaning of Profit and Loss Account

- Need of preparing P&L Account

- Measurement of Income

- Depreciation and its methods

- Methods of Inventory Valuation

- Differentiate between Gross profit, operating profit and net profit

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problems (fully solved)

 Chapter- 6 Construction And Analysis Of Funds Flow And Cash Flow

- Meaning of flow of funds

- Schedule of changes in working capital

- Funds flow statement and its uses

- Calculation of funds from operation

- Meaning of cash flow and cash flow statement

- Classification of cash flows

- Preparation of cash flow statement – Direct and Indirect method

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problem (fully solved)

Chapter- 7 Uuderstanding And Classifying Costs

- Meaning of Cost Accounting

- Difference between costing, cost accounting and cost accountancy

- Meaning of Cost

- Element of Cost

- Cost Sheet

- Classification of Costs

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problem (fully solved)

Chapter- 8 Absorption And Marginal Costing

- Introduction

- Meaning and difference between Absorption and Marginal Costing

- Contribution

- Break even analysis

- Break even point

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problem (fully solved)

Chapter- 9 Cost – Volume – Profit Analysis

- Meaning of CVP Analysis

- Break even analysis and point

- Break even chart

- Margin of Safety (MOS)

- Angle of Incidence

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problems (fully solved)

Chapter- 10 Variance Analysis

- Meaning of variance and variance analysis

- Uses of variance analysis

- Control variances

- Analysis of variances – Material, Labour, Overhead, Sales Variances

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problem (fully solved)

 Chapter- 11 Financial Management : An Introduction

- Meaning & Scope of Financial management

- Main functions of Financial Management

- Objectives of Financial Management

- Theoretical problems (fully solved)

 Chapter- 12 Ratio Analysis

- Meaning of Ratio and Accounting Ratio

- Meaning of Ratio Analysis

- Classification of types of Ratios

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problems (fully solved)

 Chapter- 13 Leverag Analysis

- Meaning of Leverages

- Business risk Vs financial risk

- Operating Leverage

- Financial Leverages

- Trading on equity

- Combined leverage

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problems (fully solved)

 Chapter- 14 Budgeting And Budgetary Contorl

- Meaning of a budget and budgetary control

- Advantages of budgetary control

- Steps in budgetary control

- Types of budgets

- Performance budgeting

- Zero base budgeting

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problems (fully solved)

 Chapter- 15 Investment Appraisal Methods

- Meaning of Investment Decision

- Classification of projects

- Capital Budgeting

- Capital Budgeting Models

- Capital Budgeting Techniques

- Comparison of IRR & NPV.

- Conflicts in Results under NPV and IRR Approach

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problem (fully solved)

 Chapter- 16 Management Of Working Capital

- Introduction – Meaning of W.C.

- Need for working capital

- Operating cycle

- Kinds of Working Capical

- Components of W.C.

- Factors determining W.C.

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problems (fully solved)

Chapter- 17 Capital Structure

- Meaning of a capital structure

- Features of an appropriate capital

- Determinants of capital structure

- Optimum capital structure

- Indifference point

- Financial break even level

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problems (fully solved)

Chapter- 18 Dividend Decisions

- Introduction – Meaning of ‘Dividend’

- Concept and Significance

- Dividend policy and value of the firm

- Factors affecting dividend decisions

- Theoretical problems

- Practical problems (fully solved)


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12. Solution Paper - Dec 2007

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14. Solution Paper - Dec 2008

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17. Solution Paper - June 2010

18. Solution Paper - Dec 2010

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22. Solution Paper - Dec 2012

23. Solution Paper - June 2013

24. Solution Paper - Dec 2013

25. Question Paper - June 2014

26. Question Paper - Dec 2014

27. Question Paper - June 2015

28. Question Paper - Dec 2015

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