Critical Thinking Consortium Ontario

Ontario Inquiry-pac Grade 7 Geography unit
Physical Patterns in a Changing World

Are you searching for a way to engage students in realistic yet hopeful discussions about our physical environments and the changing patterns created by human impact?

This package of dynamic online resources provides everything you need to implement the new Ontario grade 7 geography strand A curriculum through exciting, ongoing inquiry with your students. Including 17 lessons and all required teacher and student materials, this unit guides students in considering the overarching question: How should we respond to our changing Earth? The ongoing critical challenge for students throughout the unit is to create a compelling multi-media “message to the world” to communicate powerful ideas and inspiring examples that will help us respond sustainably to our changing Earth. The broad understandings nurtured include:

  • Humans have always lived in response to Earth’s physical patterns.
  • The physical world is changing because of natural and human activity.
  • The global community can learn to respond sustainably to the opportunities and challenges presented by our changing environment.

What if teachers used rich, inquiry-driven assessment tasks to drive the learning rather than as a culmination of learning? Join this exploration of an innovative way to plan curriculum around inquiry that ensures deep thinking and effective and manageable assessment for and as learning.

Audience: All levels


About the facilitator:

Garfield, senior national consultant with The Critical Thinking Consortium and Senior Lecturer at OISE/University of Toronto, speaks across Canada and internationally on critical thinking, brain compatible classrooms, curriculum design and effective assessment practice and nurturing 21st century skills in a digital world. In addition to his work at the University of Toronto and delivering workshops, Garfield has also authored seven textbooks and has taught in the faculties of education at York University and the University of British Columbia. Garfield’s work with educators often has a transformative impact on teaching and learning as he blends humour with a deep understanding of effective curriculum design centred around the infusion of critical thinking for all.


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