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4. Re: Universal Studios: Is it worth buying Express passes?

To each his own....everyone has their own opinion on whether to get the "Express Pass" :-)

As for me, the reasons for saying "no, not necessary" are:

1) Yes, like you've said, arrive at the gate early before the opening at 10am. There aren't usually that many people in the morning from 10-11am. Make use of that hour to the fullest for the rides.

2) Head for the three rides: (a) The Revenge of the Mummy; (b) Jurassic Park Rapid Adventures; (c) Canopy Flyer; and (d) Enchanted Airways. (b), (c) and (d) are the slow loading rides. The loading for ride (a) should be quite fast if 2 cars are operating instead of 1.

3) The "Express Pass" is a way for the park to make extra money, don't fall into their trap.

4) The "Express Pass" is good for the 4 rides as mentioned in point (2). The rest of the attractions are mostly shows and merry-go-rounds.

I just feel that S$96 per Adult and S$78 per child up to 12-years old (ie. Entry + Express Pass) is too expensive for entry to USS.

Enjoy :)

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Disappointed with MOE - GCE A Level (new Syllabus 2017)

My daughter took the practical Chemistry yesterday and couple of days back Biology.

New syllabus papers are very difficult and appears students are inadequately taught or trained. The main reasons, I believe the teachers themselves unaware of examination format. No model or sample question. Everything is new to teachers as well as to students.

Ten years series papers are irrelevant because of new syllabus.

I am disappointed with MOE, making students life very difficult and students are losing confidence. Current syllabus, testing methods are irrelevant to average students. At the end of day students needs to compete with not only in Singapore , internationally. If a student is applying for Undergraduate degree overseas, results matters. It does not matter whether students taught Singapore-Cambridge A level (Which is Advanced and difficult) or Cambridge A Level (which is much easier)

When I compared the Cambridge GCE -A level papers with Singapore-Cambridge GCE A level, Singapore Syllabus seems very advanced and tough.

The current MOE education seems reducing students confidence level rather boosting their confidence.This is not good.

What is the best way to give feedback to MOE?

You or any of your friends or relatives taking GCE A level this year? Any feedback?




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