Informative Essay Writing Powerpoint 4th

Transcript of Informative/Explanatory Writing

Informative/Explanatory Writing
Basic Structure of your Essay

Introduction Paragraph
1st Body Paragraph
2nd Body Paragraph
3rd Body Paragraph
Conclusion Paragraph
What's in the Introduction paragraph?
The main idea of the essay clearly stated.
Some general information about the main idea.
Body Paragraphs
Example of an Introduction
Have you ever seen a dog with big ears and short legs? Was it so irresistibly cute you just wanted to take it home? Chances are, you were looking at a Pembroke Welsh corgi. Let me introduce you to a dog of very high intelligence.
1st Body Paragraph
Since Welsh corgis are so intelligent, they are easy to train. One of the jobs they are good at is herding sheep and cattle. Welsh corgis are also very loyal companions for people of all ages.
2nd Body Paragraph
The Welsh corgi’s small size means it doesn’t take up much room as a pet. Its average height is 10-12 inches, and an adult dog weighs approximately 25-30 pounds. As a result of its compact size, Welsh corgi makes a great pet.
3rd Body Paragraph
Welsh corgis were originally bred in Wales. They come in several colors: red, sable, fawn, or black and tan, with or without white markings. Their coats are a medium length, and they need to be groomed and exercised regularly to stay healthy. The corgi’s life span is 12 to 14 years.
Conclusion Paragraph
Welsh corgis are known for being bold but kind, friendly, and alert. They are friendly to all, good with children, and rarely aggressive. Next time you see a dog that looks like a German shepherd in the front seat of a car, look again. It may be a dog with a full-sized body and half-sized legs—not a height-challenged German shepherd. When it hops out, you might just drop your jaw.
What is the main idea (thesis) in the introduction paragraph?
Informative/Explanatory Writing
Informative/Explanatory writing is nonfiction (true) writing about a topic.

Informative/Explanatory writing gives facts and information, explains how to do something, or tells readers about real people and events.

What is informative/explanatory writing?
What are the major and supporting details in this paragraph?
Detail and evidence
Can you identify the detail and evidence in this paragraph?
Detail and evidence
Can you identify the detail and evidence in this paragraph?
What do you notice about the conclusion paragraph?
Essay structure
Can you name the structure of an essay?
giving you information about something
explaining something to you
uses examples and evidences from news articles, books, and research

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