Nagarjuna University Distance Education Assignments 2015 Mustang

The University has taken a decision to revise internal assessment component from 20% to 30% for all courses offered by the Centre for Distance Education (CDE). ANUCDE Assignment 2018 will have an Internal Assessment Component of 30% of marks for each theory paper of all courses will be awarded by way of evaluation of two assignments for each paper. The average of the two evaluations will be counted for the purpose of final results. The candidate has to secure 12 marks out of 30 marks prescribed for assignments in each paper (15 out of 30 marks in case of LL.M). If pass marks are not secured in any assignment, it should be resubmitted. Once the pass marks are secured, the assignment cannot be re-submitted for improvement of marks/class.

ANUCDE Assignment 2018

Every student will be given assignments. There will be two assignments per each paper. The average of two will be counted for purpose of the final result. The student must be in touch with the study centre for receiving the topics for assignments or they can download the topics from

Procedure for answering assignments

  1. Topics for Assignments: The Questions given in the Question papers of examinations of CDE,ANU should be taken as topics for answering the assignments.
  2. The main purpose of assignment is to test the student’s comprehension of the course material sent to him and also to help him/her in getting through the course. The answers should be complete in all respects. Incomplete answers bring poor marks. The assignments are to be submitted to the Principal of the Study Centre before the due date. All the students should retain a copy of all assignment responses which he / she submit.
  3. Answering Assignments: While Answering Assignments: i) A student should read the assignment carefully and follow the specific instructions, if any. ii) He / She has to study thoroughly the units on which assignments are based. iii) He / She should note down relevant points of answers; rearrange those points in a logical order and draw a rough outline of answer. In respect of essay questions, introduction as well as conclusion is to be given. The answer should be logical, cohesive and it should have clear connections between sentences and paragraphs. The answer should cover all the main points of the question. while solving numerical questions, proper format should be used. The working notes is to be given wherever necessary. iv) Assignments are to be submitted in A4 size papers providing for clear cut margins and sufficient space in between each answer and should be in the form of separate books for each paper. v) The responses should be in candidate’s own handwriting. Print or typed answers will not be accepted. Answers copied either from the course material sent by the university or from the response sheets of other students will get zero marks. vi) Each assignment is to be answered separately. The question number is to be given with each answer.
  4. Submission of Assignments: While submitting Assignments, Assignment – 1 and Assignment – 2 for each paper should be bounded as one book and candidate must write the following “Assignment Submission Form” information on the top cover and also on the first page of the response sheet for Assignment -1 and Assignment – 2.


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