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People should not buy things on Credit Cards

BankBazaar observes that Credit cards are one of the most lucrative financial inventions of the 21st century. In spite of people’s perceptions about their efficacy, Lewis points out that everyone needs one. To some, credit card is equated to debt, but Lewis claims that using credit cards allow product and service consumers to pay and borrow. Besides this, they are powerful in boosting consumer protection and liquidating consumers’ pockets. In spite of the benefits presented by credit cards, they may be a painful bane to consumers’ finances if used imprudently. This essay will discuss why people should refrain from buying things on credit cards.

Emergencies call for immediate responses and in such cases, credit card holders may resolve to use their cards for cash advances from ATMs to combat their insufficiency (Lewis, 2012). Although the emergency may be sorted out, the transaction results to exorbitant interest rates on the advanced money. According to Lewis, a rate of 2.5%- 3.5% per month will be induced, effective immediately, after the card holder makes the liquidating transaction. Moreover, the card holder is subject to paying a flat rate transaction fee. All this makes the card holder a huge debtor.

BankBazaar states that credit cards come with restricted cash inflows, limited to 20-50 days. Should a card holder default or fail to pay his/her bills within the designated periods, he/she will be prompted to paying an escalated late payment fee amalgamated with increased interests ranging between 2.5%-3.5% per month besides taxes on defaulted payment. This means that people buying things on credit cards should have reliable means of generating cash flows to offset payment on their credit card before due date.

Likewise, if people buying things on credit fail to promptly pay for them, the bought things are likely to cost much more than their original price. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, it is conceivable spending over $5. For instance, a person can use his/her credit card to purchase a 12-pack of cola from a grocery store at $5.00. If at the end of the month the credit card bill reflects that the consumer already owed $ 497 and his/her credit limit is $500, it means that the $5 purchase surpassed the credit limit. Under this scenario, the credit card accrues $27, attributed to over-the-credit-limit fee. In short, the 12-pack of cola ends up costing $32 instead of $5.

In conclusion, people should avoid buying on credit cards because it needs more than prudence to purchase only for needs instead of preferences. Using of credit card to acquire items potentiates overspending which is likely to lead to a debt spiral.


Both teachers in high school and college professors love giving persuasive essays as homework assignments and even as coursework and term papers. The idea behind them is fairly simple: you have to express your opinion on a specific topic and present evidence to support it. Take advantage of a set of 100 persuasive essay topics which you can easily find information on.

Business and Economics

1. Is bad leadership the major cause of bankruptcy?

2. Should the debt of the poorest countries in the world be cancelled?

3. Are social media the best marketing channels right now?

4. Should companies block access to the social networks in the office?

5. Does outsourcing projects in foreign countries affect the national economy negatively?

6. Should small towns adopt protectionist measures against big corporations?

7. Are employee benefits more effective for building loyalty than salary increases?

8. Does the World Bank work effectively for poverty reduction?

9. Can natural monopolies exist in the 21st century?

10. Should there be a maximum age requirement for entry-level employees?

Health and Nutrition

11. Should vaccines be mandatory for children?

12. Are vegetarians healthier compared to meat eaters?

13. Can placebo treatments help patients feel better?

14. 1Should unhealthy foods have warnings on their labels like cigarettes?

15. Can financial debt lead to depression?

16. Can music provide relief from physical pain?

17. Can video game playing lead to physical and mental disorders?

18. Is hypnosis an effective weight-loss treatment?

19. Can a person get addicted to credit card use?

20. Can early retirement reduce the risk of medical conditions associated with aging?

Family and Social Matters

21. Should children be rewarded for effort rather than for achievement?

22. Do men make good stay-at-home parents?

23. Can sharing personal information on social networks be dangerous?

24. Should teenage girls need the permission of their parents to use birth control pills?

25. Has the family’s importance as an institution been reduced?

26. Should young couples live with their parents?

27. Does smoking make it easier to socialize?

28. Should parents be friends with their children?

29. Are early marriages more likely to end in divorce?

30. Are crime rates higher in countries with greater social inequality?


31. Does a master’s degree guarantee career success?

32. Is boarding school a good choice for pre-adolescent children?

33. Should handwriting still be taught in schools?

34. Do grades reflect the knowledge and effort of students adequately?

35. Does the internet make detecting plagiarism easier?

36. Can more sex education in school reduce the number of STD cases among teenagers?

37. Is Wikipedia a reliable source for persuasive essay writing?

38. Does student loan debt prevent young people from being competitive in the labor market?

39. Should gifted children be educated separately from the rest?

40. Should the most recent events be studied in history classes?


41. Should animals be kept in zoos?

42. Is commercial surrogacy moral?

43. Should pets be allowed in apartment buildings?

44. Is it possible to justify a killing?

45. Should museums display only artifacts found within the country’s borders?

46. Is gender selection moral?

47. Are religious people less likely to commit crimes?

48. Should art work be subject to censorship?

49. Is moral behavior a prerequisite for happiness?

50. Should there be censorship on the media reporting of murder cases?

Government and Politics

51. Should the government impose strict regulations to make all businesses green?

52 Is multiculturalism working in Europe?

53. Should there be media funded entirely by the public?

54. Do modern politicians use the social networks to manipulate the public?

55. Should the government provide health insurance to everyone?

56. Is capitalism really better than communism?

57. Should the government reduce freedom of speech to protect the public?

58. Are the most popular politicians the best statesmen?

59. Is the Electoral College system in the United Sates fair?

60. Should the government pay for immigrant integration programs?

Environmental Issues

61. Will the limitation of two cars per household help the environment?

62. Should plastic bags be banned?

63. Is ecotourism good for the natural environment?

64. Should nuclear powerplants be banned?

65. Can policies for population growth restriction help the environment?

66. Should environmental reporting be mandatory for all companies?

67. Do countries with scarce natural resources use green technologies more extensively?

68. Should the government sponsor organic farming?

69. Can lower public transportation prices help reduce air pollution in cities?

70. Do corporations contribute enough to sustainable development?


71. Are privately operated prisons a good idea?

72. Should the police be allowed to confiscate the cars of drivers without a license?

73. Should polygamy become legal?

74. Can making drugs legal reduce crime rates and addiction?

75. Should law enforcement authorities be allowed to use torture to extract information?

76. Does legalizing abortion contribute to gender equality?

77. Does making gambling legal help the economy?

78. Should psychological evaluation be a legal requirement for gun possession?

79. Should the use of marijuana for medical purposes be legal?

80. Will the legalizing of prostitution help to reduce sex trafficking?

Science and Technology

81. Does digital technology help to reduce paper use and deforestation?

82. Is living on other planets a realistic prospective for humanity?

83. Can virtual reality cause people to withdraw from real-life activities?

84. Can people learn better with the help of video games?

85. Does space exploration help to solve problems on Earth?

86. Can free Wi-Fi in cities bring economic benefits?

87. Do marine animals speak to each other?

88. Should technologies enhancing athletic performance be banned?

89. Can the use of modern electronic devices cause disease?

90. Can Facebook cause depression in people?


91. Should airline pilots be allowed to carry guns?

92. Is it easier for people with higher IQ to get hired?

93. Should lotteries be banned?

94. Is social life more important than career success?

95. Do celebrity reality shows boost demand for cosmetic surgeries?

96. Should there be mixed-sex sports teams?

97. Should leather and fur clothes be banned?

98. Can more security checks in public places prevent terrorist attacks?

99. Do Barbie dolls distort the self-image of girls?

100. Are brunettes actually smarter than blondes?

How do you choose between the many different persuasive essay topics offered here? You should pick one that you are interested in and that can help to make a difference. You may also want to perform an online search to get an idea of what kinds of sources you can use. Remember that the clearly stated thesis should be in the opening paragraph.

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