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This is Peter Inskip coming to you live from triple j, with this week’s segment in our ‘Music and Society’ series. For the next half hour we’ll be looking at the punk music scene starting in the mid-seventies.

Punk was born in the early 70’s in New York, and is still evolving.

No other style in the history of rock, has been so uncompromising, or made such a dramatic impression as Punk Rock. The two versions of punk, the original American and its British descendent, were very different.
British punk was aggressive and angry. It demanded immediate change and had no interest in working for the solution. The Sex Pistols typified British Punk with such songs as "Anarchy In The UK," which did not give a thought to anarchy's…show more content…

This generation of British youth who embraced punk left school to enter a climate of harsh unemployment and limited options. Britain in 1975 had one of its highest unemployment rates since World War II and this bleak scenario offered few alternatives. Punk for the British teenager was an outlet for their feelings of inadequacy as many young people struggled with the demoralising effects of welfare and unemployment.

British society is traditionally quite conservative and is reflected in the institution of the monarchy itself, perhaps one of the best recognised hallmarks of a social system that is very stratified, and emphasises distinct class differences. Symbols of conservative middle class order and organisation quickly became targets for the angst of disenfranchised British youth.

Punk Rock bands such as the Sex Pistols attracted a huge following and their choice of subject matter in songs like "God Save The Queen" or "Anarchy in the UK" complimented the punks’ aggression: …

God Save the Queen
The fascist regime
It made you a moron
A potential H-bomb
God save the Queen
She ain't no human being
There is no future
And England's dreaming

…This hostility clearly was a challenge aimed

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The History of Punk Rock Essay

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The History of Punk Rock

Throughout the entire world, music is one thing that is a constant. From Africa to Antarctica, music can be found. There are literally millions of types of music out there: Rock, Rap, Pop, EMO, Hard-core, Ska, Latin, Classical. The list goes on and on. But one form of music has had one of the most significant histories of them all: Punk rock. A look into the history of this type of music will help us understand why punk rock sounds and feels the way it does. It is necessary to look at the types of dancing, different types of punk rock, and the reasons behind it to understand how and why this type of music formed.

Development of Punk

Through the years some punk has had influences from country to the…show more content…

We're way in debt. We own a van, it breaks down, and you know when you play that the gig money goes to pay for the broken-down van. We're used to it."(6)

Slam Dancing

Slam dancing has been popular through the history of punk. You may have heard of called "moshing" or "stage diving." Moshing is just a big game of bumper cars like you played when you were a kid. I think Natalie Jacobson who is dating the lead singer of "Murphy's Law" describes stage diving best when says, "It's like diving into a human carpet. Something like the old kids' trust game. Just my way of getting into it. Gospel people got their thing, I got mine."1


Some punks consider themselves Nazis', or are concerned with issues like peace, racism, and nuclear war. Most punk is against parental, musical, and political authorities. On the other hand some isn't. Bob Mould of Husker Du talks about politics quite frequently in his songs. I don't write about politics because I'm not an expert. Some bands find it very necessary to claim they're politically relevant when in actuality they don't know *censored* about politics. Not informing people is much better than misinforming people. We're sort of like reporters in a way. Reporters of our own mental state. Reporters of the state of the air. Consciousness. Of the day. We make personal statements.2


Most punks that live in small towns have trouble making friends. They find it hard to relate to most people.

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