Argumentative Essay Topics On War

18 Argumentative Essay Topics On The Cold War

If you are taking a history class that includes topics from the 20th Century, you will learn about the Cold War. This controversial historical topic is a favorite for teachers, because they can assign essays. Selecting a topic can be challenging, so here are some topic ideas you can use:

  1. Who is to blame for the Cold War? The United States or the Soviet Union?
  2. Why is the Korean War one of the least discussed wars?
  3. Who is to blame for the Cuban Missile Crisis? The United States, the Soviet Union, or the Cubans?
  4. Between Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy, which president was better at keeping communism away from the people of the United States?
  5. How did the economic boom in the 1950s help the grow the fear of socialism and communism in the decades that followed?
  6. What was the origin of the fear that the communists would take over the United States during the Cold War?
  7. How did the Red hunts impact American politics? How did it help or hurt politics
  8. How did the launch of Sputnik create more fear for Americans?
  9. What role did the Yalta conference in February 1945 play in the start of the Cold War?
  10. What Eastern European countries were also involved in the fear that Americans had during the Cold War?
  11. How did Afghanistan impact the Cold War in the late 1970s and 1980s?
  12. How did Gorbachev and Reagan change the Cold War?
  13. Pick two countries other that the United States and the Soviet Union and discuss their roles in building up or breaking down the Cold War.
  14. How did the Cold War affect the economy of the United States in the 1970s?
  15. Define three distinct periods of the Cold War and how they impacted life in the United States.
  16. How were school children affected during the early days of the Cold War?
  17. Compare Cold War speeches made by John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev.
  18. What kept crises like the Berlin Wall or the Cuban Missile Crisis from growing into actual wars?

When you choose a topic for your Cold War paper, it is a good idea to focus on an idea that you are interested in discussing. Students write better essays when they are familiar with the subject and they want to learn more about it. Use quality sources and organize your essay so that your instructor will be impress and give you a good grade.

Follow Essay Guidelines Closely.

take enough time as necessary to understand what your need to do for your paper.

Choosing Strong Argumentative Essay Topics About War

An argumentative essay is the kind of paper where the writer has to convince the audience of his ideas based on strong logic and facts. You would first choose a topic to take about and then decide your stance on this topic. Whether you are in favor of the topic or against it, will decide the stance, you take on your paper. You would then need to choose the arguments you will use in order to strengthen your stance. Each argument that you use in your paper must be backed by strong evidence like facts, data, stats, and other examples. The evidence should be from authenticated sources and relevant to the situation so that it is easier for the readers to trust you

It is important for the topic of your paper to arguable so that the readers can agree or disagree to it. If you are to create a strong essay about war, then you need to state a topic that can welcome both consent and disagreement. For example, if you write war is bad, then your topic is not arguable. There is not a sane person on a planet who would not agree to such statement. You have to make sure that you are not talking common sense or passing statements of general consent. You have to decide an aspect of the war you will discuss and write an arguable topic. For example, you can write the effects of World War II were highest on the global economy than any other event. This is an arguable statement because some other event can have this reasoning too. You have to make sure you find relevant evidence to support your stance and try to refute the opposing arguments as well for your paper

If you are confused about choosing an argumentative essay topic about war, you should consider the following suggestions

Interesting topic ideas for an argumentative essay on war

  1. The war on Iraq was for the oil rather than anything else

  2. No single country should have the right to invade others and control them

  3. The war on terrorism has cost us more lives than saving

  4. Besides fighting wars on borders, countries should focus on overcoming internal challenges like poverty, rape, illiteracy etc.

  5. A war does not always mean economic recession

  6. Soldiers on wars should have insurance for their families

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